About Us

A pioneering brand in the radio space, 94.3 MY FM is the radio business of DB Corp Ltd launched in 2006 , MY FM took a bottom-up approach and set up its network across 30 Tier II and III cities across 7 states , building on the lineage of Bhaskar Group . True to its brand name which signifies the emotional ownership and personalized approach of the station , MY FM has been very successful focusing on individual market preference and clearly rules in Tier II and Tier III markets . Constantly evolving and innovating its offerings , MY FM draws a keen focus on its brand philosophy of ‘Jiyo Dil Se’, forging an emotional connect with its listeners while continually creating offerings to suit local tastes. Capitalizing on the strengths of the medium , MY FM has become India’s Leading Local FM Network, backed by in-depth market understanding and high audience engagement. The brand philosophy is extended into every aspect of MY FM, encouraging listeners to live their life to the fullest while giving the brand a young and vibrant feel.