1. How do I register?

  • Option 1: Give a miss call on 1800 123 777 000 and you will get website link on vis SMS. Click the link and then click Register button to complete the registration process.
  • Option 1 : Visit and click on the banner displayed on MY FM home page. You will be redirected to the contest page. Click Registration button and complete the registration process.

2. I have completed registration, what is the next step?

  • After completing registration, login with your mobile number and password to participate in the contest. Incase you have forgotten the password, you can log in through an OTP also.

3. How many days will the contest last

  • The contest will start from 30th May 2019 and ends on 14th July 2019

4. Do I have to register every time to participate?

  • You have to register only once but need to login each time to participate.

5. How to play the contest?

  • There will be 2 contest questions per day.
  • Question 1 will appear at 9am and Question 2 will appear at 3pm.
  • Every question has a stipulated time to answer. You need to submit your answer before the time ends.
  • Questions will be based on your skills related to the game of cricket
  • You have to login and submit your answers

6. Can I change my answer after submitting?

  • You can change your answer n number of times. Last Answer submitted before the end time will be counted as final answer.

7. Do will I be scored?

  • Every right answer will fetch the user some runs, displayed right next to the question.
  • Incase your answer is right then you will get the runs.

8. Do I have to answer all the questions

  • Higher the score higher your chances of getting the prizes.

9. Where can I see my score sheet?

  • There is a tab in the menu called Score Chart.
  • Click the tab to view to your day’s score
  • For certain questions, scores will be added the next day.

10. Can I see my previous days score?

  • Yes, click on to score history tab in Score Chart page.
  • Select the date you wish to see the score.

11. How will I win the prize(s)?

  • Winners will be selected through a lucky draw from the pool of Top scorers of the city.

12. How will I come to know I have won

  • You will see you rewards in Your Rewards section of Score Sheet Tab.
  • You will also get an SMS and Phone Call from MY FM Team too.

13. If I have won once, am I eligible for other prizes

  • Yes, you are. You will be in the race till contests lasts.

14. If I face any challenge with my participation on the site, where do I communicate?

  • You can click on Write to Us tab on the site and share the details of your query with us. We shall get back to you.