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As he once advised young comic John Duke

Torrez understood what it meant to be an entertainer. As he once advised young comic John Duke, "If you're having fun, the people will have fun." While other comics of the time were following in Sam Kinison's angry footsteps, Torrez stuck to his classic comedy roots: timing, delivery, and jokes, jokes, jokes. "He was a [...]

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What does a pilot’s watch do? Well, it tells time, too

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Il 30 dicembre 2001 le autorita pakistane lo consegnarono agli

Portano cappotti stretti in vita, parlano di rado spesso manifestando il disincanto della sofferenza. Non sono esattamente perbene, non sono esattamente dissolute, ma per certo squisitamente nevrotiche. Come niente gettano un mazzo di denari in un camino dicendo a Canada Goose Italia una massa di signori chi li prenderà mi avrà. canada goose Piumino Supponiamo [...]

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