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would you come see my baby brother

Payton, would you come see my baby brother?" Without a word, Payton excused himself and followed Bobby and his mother to the room where Chris Weber lay..A final tribute in lights: 'Thanks Chris'By Mitch Smith and Tribune reporter December 11, 2013Fourteen years ago, a Chicagoan named died too young. Touched, an electrician decided to use [...]

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It was really controversial

"It was a big deal," Walker said. "It was really controversial, and I thought it was tragic. But then the facts of the case got twisted all around, and I was confused. There's no time to rethink strategy, regroup, or even to catch your breath. There's only you, and your opponent of equal weight and [...]

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mention of their favorite

Grown men cry. Grown women groan. Tough clients melt at the mention of their favorite players exploits. I'm a coach, but I'm also a blogger and I have a Newsletter which means I write. And since writing is part of the career I choose, I write every morning regardless if I'm going to publish an [...]

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