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  • Conversation and Environment

    Vijaya Limaye

    Mr.Vijay Limaye is an environment conservationist and is working as an Insurance Surveyor & Loss Assessor for all public sector and general insurance companies. His main motto is to promote “NO WOOD CREMATION” or “ECO FRINDLY CREMATION”. He has been promoting this since last 4 years and educating people to use bricks made of cow dung and biomass or agro waste that is generated in agricultural fields for cremation of dead bodies.




  • Literature

    Mr Archit Ohja

    Archit Ojha, Age 23, Chief Executive Officer at Million Minds, Lives in Raipur, Chhattisgarh And Studied Biomedical Engineering at NIT Raipur. There Were No Quality Book Reviewers In The Country And For Independent Authors There Was No Platform For The Exposure Of Their Books. People Tend To Read Only Course Books. People Are Not Motivated To Write Books And Good Books Cannot Reach To The Readers. Archit Thought Of Breaking This Pattern And Helping The Talented Authors Who Are Behind The Shadows. He Read And Reviewed 130 Books in 80 Days. He Holds #1 Book Reviewer Title On Since Last 6 Months, He Has Contributed 300+ New And Established Authors Of Multiple Languages By Reviewing Their Books.




  • Women Welfare and Empowerment

    Mr HareKrishna Deka

    From past 16 Years Harekrishna has been providing empowerment and strength to the rural area woemn by giving them an a medium of earning. His poultary farming work at rural level is purely aimed at providing means of earning to the women in rural areas



  • Art & Culture

    Ms Shailee Dhope

    Sheli Dhope runs a ‘Nrutyanjali Kathak Kendra’ ,an organisation which teaches Classical Dance to disable children. Through her dance forms she delivers messages related to sensitive issues of the society. One of her classical dance programme was based on ‘Beti Bachao’ ,which was highly praised by Aamir Khan. She has helped the disable children to fulfill their dreams of performing classical dance and so these children have exhibit commitment to the classical dance form.



  • Education

    Vivek Chaturvedi

    Vivek Chaturvati is a social activitist. His main objective is to provide proper Skill development to hearing impaired people,so that these people can make their own living. Vivek believes that these people should not dependent on anyone for their earning and should live their life like rest.




  • Public Service

    Mr Harbans Gagenja

    He arranges supplies for the poor people in the slum areas and civil hospital in Jalandhar. In 2002 he started with only 5litre of milk but today, He is distributing food, medicines and milk at various hospitals to help the patients. He is providing daily langar at guru nanak anath ashram and Rama Mandi. Along with this he is providing ration to 200 widows.




  • Women Empowerment

    Ms Santosh Dhaiya

    She lives and breathes Women Empowerment. She has been working religiously towards bringing up the women to men sex ratio. She has vowed that she will always contribute towards the protection of women no matter how many ever difficulties she has to face.



  • Sports

    Mr Mukesh Kumar

    He is a Paralympics table tennis player and has one quite a few medals. He teaches both fully abled and those misfortunate kids in his academy free of cost so that they can build their confidence and live life with pride.




  • Education

    Mr Harish Jakhar

    In this iniciative the main aim is to aspire children towards education ,to make them feel the importance of make them aware about their fundamental human rights our vision is to devlop poverty” free educated india ” under which we have initiated educated camp,followed by registering children in to near by govt./private schools also providing them proper sudy material .



  • Public Welfare and Socio Economic Development

    Mr Naryan Lal Chaudhary

    His main concern is to take care of people who suffers from road accident. Several times he adopted people injured during road accidents and look after them.Till date he has trained approximately 25000 children and around 10000 villager for road safety and has also given safe driving lessons. Every month on an average 10000 rs is recquired for all this and mr narayan lal choudary bear all this from his own salary and incentives.



  • Public Welfare and Socio Economic Development

    Dr Kulwant Gaur

    In the begening when I was just thinking about eye donation no one wants to talk about this matter but I wasn’t stopped and start working for it . Sometimes the conditions reached at peak and all were start fighting in the famalies . And I am working for it when I was 19 years old.




  • Public Service

    Dr Kala Ashok Shah

    Dr Kala has done incredible work in the area of menopause and problems during that time and started Menopause clinic in 1997. Being a gynecologist doctor, she keeps aware all about menopause & andropause (male menopause). A topic that is considered to be a taboo she dared to take the cosiety head on by discussing opening about these issues and encouraged thousands for a medical consultation. For this cause currently the Governor of Gujarat and Gujarat University have extended their support.



  • Women Welfare & Empowerment

    Pabibai Lakshamanbhai Rabari

    Pabiben is the founder of, a website from one can buy all kind of Gujarati handicrafts. She has become an inspiration and an idol to many in her Rabari community. Pabiben is a successful woman artisan entrepreneur who aspire to help women become independent and empower themselves to shape their own future and those of their families and future generations. It aims to help women create their identity with the help of their artistic talent.