Those from “The Sopranos” included Edie Falco

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Those from “The Sopranos” included Edie Falco

As for 2015 commits thatmight waver, look first to the backfield. UM currently has four commits, all consensus four star prospects:Dexter Williams, Mark Walton, Jordan Cronkriteand Scarlett. Even thoughDuke Johnson isa strong candidate to leave for the NFL with a successful, healthy junior season, that a lot of running backs in one class.

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Notes: Montreal was without left winger Max Pacioretty, who was released from hospital Sunday after an appendectomy. He will be out 3 4 weeks. Lars Eller moved into his spot. This one, he said, go dad. So that was a tough thing for me, to be able to explain to him that this was something I needed to do. Evans, as a husband and father, he says the onus is on him to live by example and do things to show my son, how important it is to life a selfless life..

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