The Democratic president told the crowd to “sit down and be

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The Democratic president told the crowd to “sit down and be

The crowd booed when he contended that Clinton supports open borders.”Her plans would mean generations of terrorism, extremism and radicalism spreading into your schools and through your communities,” Trump declared.In spite of a close race in national polling, Trump’s path to victory remains narrow. His campaign is increasingly looking to make up for losses among suburban voters, particularly college educated women, by attracting new voters in out of the way places.But with polls tightening across battleground states, Democrats are taking little for granted. Hillary Clinton made a Friday afternoon stop in Detroit, Bill Clinton worked to drive up turnout in Colorado, and Vice President Joe Biden was going to Wisconsin all states Clinton was thought to have locked up weeks ago.Obama halted an afternoon speech in Fayetteville, North Carolina, to defend a pro Trump protester who was chanting the Republican nominee’s name.The Democratic president told the crowd to “sit down and be quiet.” He defended the man’s right to free speech.

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