generic crestor price Frequency of a sound defines an absolute threshold of audibility or the minimum force of a heard sound. In the field of 1000-4000 Hz the hearing of the person is as much as possible sensitive. Sounds above 16 000 - 20 000 Hz cause unpleasant sensations of pressure and a pain in an ear. It is the top limit of audibility. 5.способствует normal evacuation of food from a stomach: to opening пилорического сфинктера from a stomach and to closing from outside 12-perstnoj guts; At neurosises there is a failure of the higher nervous activity. It can be expressed in sharp prevalence either exciting, or brake process. At prevalence of excitation brake conditioned reflexes are suppressed, there is an impellent excitation. At prevalence of brake process positive conditioned reflexes are weakened, there is a drowsiness, impellent activity is limited. Neurosises especially easily are reproduced at animals with extreme types of nervous system: weak and unbalanced. The essence of a neurosis consists in fall of working capacity of nervous cages. Quite often at neurosises transitive (phase) conditions develop: levelling, paradoxical, ultraparadoxical phases. Phase conditions reflect infringements of the law of power relations, characteristic for normal nervous activity. In norm quantitative and qualitative adequacy of reflex reactions to an operating irritant is observed, i.e. On an irritant of weak, average or big force there is accordingly a weak, average or strong reaction. At a neurosis the levelling phase condition is shown by identical reactions on expressiveness on irritants of different force, paradoxical - development of strong reaction to weak influence and weak reactions to strong influences, ультрапарадоксальпое - occurrence of reaction to a brake prearranged signal and loss of reaction to a positive prearranged signal.
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