Meador; Melissa Leigh Medley; Madison Nicole Mefford; Kristen

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Meador; Melissa Leigh Medley; Madison Nicole Mefford; Kristen

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canada goose outlet sale Police say a man was driving on Prince Albert Road during the rush hour Wednesday when he struck three of the geese, who were crossing over from the Elliott Street area to Sullivan Pond.One goose died at the scene, while a second injured bird was taken to a veterinarian and later died a third goose swam to an island in the pond and is being monitored by volunteers.Police say witnesses to the accident confirmed speed was not a factor and no charges have been laid against the driver.The pond geese have been a visible presence for years in downtown Dartmouth and Cheap Canada Goose are known for using the crosswalk to get to the pond.The tragic incident drew a flurry of tweets Canada Goose Sale by upset residents including one from former Dartmouth mayor Gloria McCluskey who expressed her sadness and remarked that she had been looking at the geese only the night before and thinking are so beautiful and that we are so lucky to have them. Sad to hear about our Dartmouth Geese, tweeted Daren Fisher. Are some of our most popular residents canada goose outlet sale.

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