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Harsha Sahu


Women Welfare & Empowerment.

Harsha Sahu, who lives in Jorapara, Phulchauk Raipur, Harsha took inspiration from mother-fathers to make all women of the society self-reliant, In this 15-year journey, Harsha has visited villages of Chhattisgarh to train more than 40,000 women. Even today, Harsha is trying to get 40% of its total income to move forward in the society.

Mohit Sahu


Public Service & Socio Economic Welfare (Ethical Hacking & Web Development).

“One of the biggest problem in Digitally Active country today is the cyber security, Mohit Sahu, living in Tatipara Raipur, started the help and awareness of the people affected by cyber crime in the country, along with the lines of CGPSC Mentor App and Famous Blue Whale Make games like Happy Whales, fix the flaws of many government and educational institutions website and protect them from hacking, works by Mohit Sahu Given the fact that Facebook chose FB for the start and funding, the best mobile based startup selected by Facebook is the first institution of Chhattisgarh.”.

Priyank Patel


Social Economic Welfare.

Priyank Patel A resident Of Raipur runs Nukkad Tea Cafe since 2013,which is a socially inclusive cafe empowering hearing impaired and transgender community.In 3 branches of Nukkad Tea Cafe 20 deaf and 6 transgender members work and earn their dignified living at various levels.Nukkad aims to include all members of society who are excluded from main stream.Nukkad also promotes the use of sign language and encourage everyone to support the deaf and transgender members.In future Nukkad aims to work with down syndrome affected adults and HIV positive people.

Hemdhar Sahu



“Explaining the importance of dance and singing only to the people of the village, the teacher, Mr. Hemdhar Sahu, an excellent teacher, goes to village in 45-degree temperature in the literary summer holidays, sleeps only in the car, Hemdhar, who has installed more than 168 choupal in 270 schools, has done the luggage.”




In view of illiteracy in the society, Pollamma of Shampapara Bhilai formed the Vibhash Shikshan Kendra, Prerna School, Didi Bank; Nearly 100 illiterate women were up to fifth and 100 children not able to attend school due to poverty. In order to get the Board passed the examination, since 19 years, the literacy army labourers have literate 487 people for 25 years.

Prabhanjay Chaturvedi .


Art & Culture.

Prabhjay Chaturvedi, a graduate of the bachelor of music, has kept alive the mythological history of the country in the present day with his songs and songs, Bhilai Chhattisgarh resident, Prabhanjay, in the early days, Prabhjay, facing the shortage of buying a harmonium in the initial days, is today by the Orissa Government. Music Bhushan, in Ujjain, is honoured with music like gems, not only that but today, one of the best five hymn singers in the country Land.

Kajal Sachdev.


Health & Sanitation / Public Service & Socio Economic Welfare.

For 18 years, for the treatment of children suffering from a blood transfusion, counselling, and avenues, founder of Mr. Krishna Charitable Trust, Kajal Sachdev Thalassemia, a mother engaged in the treatment of a child suffering from the hereditary disease of Thalassemia in child custody for 18 years. Getting the checkups from Best Doctor, in this selfless travel of 18 years, Kajal went to the UK, USA, putting many Awareness camps with own money, Chchi service and dedication set a precedent. Not only for motherhood but to the extent of trying.