RJ Dhwani
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Personality Type : Loud in mind n smile on face … :)
MY Favorite Song : Give me some Sunshine Give me some Rain
MY Favorite Movie : Perfume ,Story of a Murderer
My RJ Style : Its like… Fashion says "Me Too" Style says "Only ME"
My Favorite Actors :SRK and Leonardo dicaprio
My Favorite Gateway : A Long Drive or MY Room (both should be filled with music on)
MY Favorite Busters : Chocolates and Music
Most Successful Pickup Line :Go on…
MY Favorite Food: Anything with cheese !!!
My Tagline : Dhwani Sab Sunti hai…
Had I not been a RJ I would have been : Theatre Artist and Dancer
Music for me : Elixir
My DOB : 9th March
How I got to be RJ : I am a Daughter of an RJ … that says it all :)
Mantra in life : Sidhi Baat No Bakwaas… !!
Most embarrassing RJ moment : Thankfully None.
Most fulfilling RJ moment : I share MY Joining Day with MY Birthday… It says I was born to be this (so far is the Best Moment)