RJ Grishma
Personality Type : Happy go lucky- Dramaqueen - bubbly
MY Favorite Songs : I love music …. So I love all the songs of every genre
MY Favorite Movie : 2 states, Hera phery , All srk movies and Hollywood horror movies …
My RJ Style : Full on drama , just like girl next door
My Favorite Actors : Sharukh khan anytime
My Favorite Getaway : panchmadi, Andaman nicobar , diu ….
My Favorite Busters : music an movies
My Most Successful Pickup Line : main to paida hi hot hui thi
MY Favorite Food :I live to eat … but most fav Maggie and Italian and sizzlers .
Had I not been a RJ I would have been : daily soap actress
Music for me is : LIFE
MY Tagline : tension leke kis ka bhala hua hain jo apka ho ga so no tension just chill….
My date of Birth : 9th Feb 1989
How I Got to be a RJ : With my talent and experience ….
Mantra in Life : Khushraho… aurrehne do….
Most Embarrassing RJ Moment : Once there was a big event , some one on mic introduced me RJ RESHMA infront of 200 people … I hate when someone calls me reshma or Krishna instead of grishma .