RJ Dhaval
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Personality Type : swasth and mast
MY Favorite Songs : many songs depends on mood
MY Favorite Movie : Guru, wolf of wallstreet, 3 idiots.. etc
My RJ Style : casuals or log dekh k bole “badhiya he”
My Favorite Actors : nana patekar, leodicaprio, amir
My Favorite Getaway : me my bike and songs
My Most Successful Pickup Line : bus ne… sauavujkarvanu ne
MY Favorite Food :eatable and should taste good
Had I not been a RJ I would have been : kuch na kuch to ban hi jaata
Music for me is : The essence of Life
MY Tagline : moj ma revanu
My date of Birth : 21th Aug
How I Got to be a RJ : it’s a long story .. lets catch up for a coffee discuss.
Mantra in Life : swasthrahe mast rahe or vyastrahe
Most Embarrassing RJ Moment : me bhinahibatasaktaa… samjhakaro..