MY RJ Vikas
Personality Type : Desi
MY Favorite Songs : aas paas hai khuda
My Favorite Movie : Sholey , God must be crazy , Godfather
My RJ Style : haste raho hasate raho
My Favorite Actors : rajani sir,irfan kahn
My Favorite Gataway : kerala
My Favorite Busters : Meditation
My Most Successful pickup line : Jai Guru.
MY Favorite Food: aloo ke parathe
Had I not been a RJ I would have been: Theater artist
Music for me is : love,sukoon,
MY Tag line : aap hai rj vikas ke saath ,lagayenge tesinon ki waat
MY Biggest sin : underestimate I, me and myself
My Date of Birth : 25 april
How I Got to be a RJ : Doston ki galti se ,unko audition dena tha saath mein mujhe le gaye ,khud to nahi bane, mein ban gaya
Mantra in Life : Be the way you are insaano ki tarah jiyo
Most Embarrasing RJ Moment : live interview mein guest ka naam bhool gaya
Most Fulfilling RJ Moment : During the show , Was able to Counselee one of the listener who was under Depression
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