MY RJ Jassi
Personality Type : saadagi
MY Favorite Songs : challa (Gurdas maan)
My Favorite Movie : Mohabbatein
My RJ Style : shairana
My Favorite Actors : Amitabh bachpan
My Favorite Gataway : Goa
My Favorite Busters : Meditation
My Most Successful pickup line : aa chako , ok report
MY Favorite Food: chees with lots n lots of Tomatoo
Had I not been a RJ I would have been: Teachergiri
Music for me is : Life
MY Tag line : Gaane wahi , Jo tuhaad dil chahunda hai
My Date of Birth : 04/11/1981
How I Got to be a RJ : usually In collage time I was anchor in youth festival … so on that time I need a platform where I can express
Mantra in Life : Dil di gal muhh ton kadd Baki sab rab te chhad