RJ Mayur
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Personality Type : Flirty and Romantic
MY Favorite Songs The humma song
MY RJ style : Humorous and quirky
MY Favorite Actors : Ranvir singh
My Favorite Gate Way : - Ibiza
My Most Successful Pickup Line : Anuuj…….naam or aawaaz dono mai dum hai
Favorite Buster : you-tube comedy
MY Favorite Food : Punjabi
Had I not been a RJ I would have been : Standup Artist
Music for me is : Stress buster
MY Date of birth : 26th March
How I Got to be a RJ : During my job in a stock market company I realized that I’m too creative for this profile and I left the job and joined a fm radio company as an intern.and after couple of years got the chance to prefix Rj in my name.
Mantra in Life :Make relations,don’t use people
Most Embarrassing Rj Moment :waiting for the moment yet……..hahaha