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Personality Type : Haazir-jawaab.
MY Favorite Songs : the ones that make me dance..
My Favorite Movie : How do i pick ONE.. that's like having to pick one dessert in a Bake shop full of goodies..
My RJ Style : A mix of spontaneous and studied, serious and fun, girl next door and tongue in cheek..
My Favorite Actors : Anyone who can ACT .. really act.. thankfully, there seem to be quite a few nowadays..
My Favorite Gataway : Nainital or Goa
My Most Successful pickup line: haven't had the need to pick anyone up .. it's usually the other way around.. (wink, wink)
MY Favorite Food: Maa ke haath ka khaana
Had I not been a RJ I would have been : Maybe a teacher.. or a Saadhvi.. or making my living off Gluttony.. or a dancer.. The possibilities are endless and the world is my oyster..
Music for me is : food for the soul
My Date of Birth : 14th January
How I Got to be a RJ :very clichéd .. I was discovered .. in a café.. Went out to grab a cuppa on a sunday morning.. a new radio station was being launched in the city and it's programming head was sitting in the same café with his team. He heard me talking to my friend, came over, introduced himself and said " We are looking for a female RJ and I just heard you. Would you be interested ?" I said yes for a lark.. went in for an audition the next day and was on my way to becoming an RJ by the evening..
Mantra in Life : Thank God for small mercies..
Most Embarrasing RJ Moment : Too many to recount.. LOL
Most Fulfilling RJ Moment : Each and every moment I have been able to touch someone's life in any way.