MY RJ Rahul
Personality Type : Funny,Humours
MY Favorite Songs :Piya o re piya (Tere naal Love ho gya)
My Favorite Movie : 3 Idiots
My RJ Style : Full of takes
My Favorite Actors : Amitabh Bachchan
My Favorite Gataway :Srinagar
My Favorite Busters : Gerhi with friends
My Most Successful pickup line : RJ Rahul
MY Favorite Food: Indian food
Had I not been a RJ I would have been: Bollywood Comedian
Music for me is : My first Love
My Date of Birth : 24-02-1983
How I Got to be a RJ : auditions se
Mantra in Life : Be the way you are Tension kabhi na lo
Most Embarrasing RJ Moment :kabhi mauka hi nahi aayea
Most Fulfilling RJ Moment : When I received calls from Pakistan during show