MY RJ Vishal
Personality Type : Dhaassu, ekdum Jhakkas
MY Favorite Songs : Musafir hoon Yaaron
My Favorite Movie : Junglee jawaani ke jalwe, dilwalo ki lag jaayegi, Bodyguard ki saali, khujaane naa milega dobara, jannat nashin
My RJ Style : ekdum dhamaal, bole to kamaal, duniya ka banta-dhaal
My Favorite Actors : my chowkidaar (acts smartly as he's awake all the night!!!)
My Favorite Busters : Block busters
My Most Successful pickup line : bhagwaan ne kahaa hai ki nafraat buri cheez hai.... aao pyaar karein
MY Favorite Food: Maa ke Haath ke Dahi bade
Had I not been a RJ I would have been: I would have been a Doctor of philosophy specialized in Engineering psychology of professionalism syndrome incurring civil service Masters in Marketing
Music for me is : ek nashaa, Kaano ke paimaano me, mausiki ke maikhane!!!! Aadab arz hai :-)
My Date of Birth : 10th Jan
How I Got to be a RJ : its a long story.. Once upon a time.. it was a cold night.. and winter was at it's cruelty, a Vampire was in search of blood, and raamu kaaka- the station master was sitting on bench with a lantern!! The view struck by Vampire's eyes, but 'dhamm'. A superfast train's sound came.. in his radio !!!@# and he inspired me to be an RJ, and he also offered me to give 'training!!! (not from him....... but from the vampire!!!! :-D) ~ krupya apne sir ke baal naa kheechein, hair transplant bahot mahenga hota hai
Mantra in Life : Be the way you areHriim Cream, saba kareem! So cold.. Ice Cream
Most Embarrasing RJ Moment : current one!! filling up this form!! It's soooo much embarrassing that i'm writing all the information whih is sooo correct (exactly0.00000000001 percent!! Yeah..)
Most Fulfilling RJ Moment : Haash!! Finally Filled form!!!!!!!!!